Positive effects of asanas/physical postures in yoga


There are many positive effects known when doing asanas. Asanas or physical postures namely ensure you can relax mentally. Through physical effort and relaxation you will learn to understand your body and you can learn to feel your limits timely. Furthermore the exercises provide a sense of health, independence and security making you more resilient in daily life against possible panic attacks.

Asanas bring stability, health and makes the limbs light. A stable and pleasant position leads to mental balance and prevents fickleness of the mind. Asanas are not only gymnastic exercises; they are positions. By practicing them one develops litheness, sense of balance, endurance and great vitality. They have been developed over the centuries with the aim to develop every muscle, nerve and gland in the body. They provide a good physique, a strong and elastic body without stiff muscles and without ailments. Tiredness is counteracted and the nerves are brought to rest. The real meaning of the asanas lies in the way in which they discipline the spirit.

The asanas offer you the opportunity to reach that your energy flow improve. They are learning you to keep flowing in all difficult physical postures. Most people block their energy as they bend over to pick something up. Evidence is then that they often forget what they are doing. Some people change their mood just because they turn around to look behind. Then we do not talk about all those posture changes because you feel discomfort. Just think how many times you turn around in bed at night or how many times you are going to change position on your chair.

More positive effects of yoga asanas or physical postures   

In addition to a general feeling of well being and inner peace asanas or physical postures has proved its positive effect with many physical and psychological complaints. With regular and prolonged application changes are noted in the autonomic nervous system resulting in a reduction of muscle tension, heart rate decrease and respiratory rate and normalization of blood pressure. We also see an improvement in the ability to concentrate, sleep, immune system and a positive influence on all kinds of psychosomatic complaints where no medical solution is available. Think about stress-related gastrointestinal complaints such as spastic colon, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, headaches, and backaches.

Psychologically asanas can help to manage fear complaints and hyperventilation for yourself. It contributes to learning to let go stress-inducing thoughts and emotions and gain self-confidence. It helps in anxiety without any apparent cause.  For example if you ever panicked on the street or in the tram you know what I am talking about. Yoga training is also supportive in stress, (failure), depression and sleep problems.


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