Online counseling does it work?

Online Counseling with Hilbrand Kuit, Msc 

Tekst therapy

People ask me if online counseling can work. From my own exprience I can say that online cognitive behavioral therapy for people with work burnout can work very well. Clients have better thoughts and feelings about their work burnout. The therapy makes it effective to recover fast and provides the right tools how to deal with work burnout in a correct way for now and in the future.

Furthermore I can say that the tekst therapy treatment given by my practice for people with panic attack and anxiety can work good. The combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy together with solution-behavioral therapy is specifically aimed at panic attack control. This type of treatment has been developed especially for people with panic /anxiety and is scientifically proven effective. People can prevent a panic attack succesfully now and in the future.

Skype therapy and Reiki 

One of the beautiful things of Reiki is that it can work very well for many things. From my own experience in Bali, Indonesia, I can say that a Reiki treatment is good for relaxation. Reiki can be applied to people with psychological and mental problems; such as work stress, are upset and ‘being confused’ or see no solution to certain problems. Reiki is also good for eating disorders such as losing weight or breaking with a food addiction. Furthermore, reiki works amazingly fast in depressions. Also for people who wish love, insight, health, more confidence, reiki treatment is a good addition.

My clients in the area of Seminyak and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, think that a Reiki treatment can only be given in person in their hotels. They often think when they go back to their own country, Australia or Europe, a Reiki treatment stops. Well I can say that Reiki can also be given at a distance. Maybe that is another beautiful thing of Reiki. What I always do is make an appointment at what time the Reiki can be given. Just before a Reiki treatment we have a short telephone conversation in which I ask the client to relax, switch of the mobile phone for a short time and drink some water afterwards for purification. The effects of Reiki where my clients are talking about are very diverse namely: increased feeling of relaxation, more vitality, less stress, release of emotions, more energy balance, more creativity and healing. 

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