Experience positive change through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

According to National Health Services in UK, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a
talking therapy commonly used to help people with mental and physical problems
through changing the patterns of thinking and behavior that cause people’s

CBT lies on the possibility that the way of thinking can affect a person’s behavior,
emotions and thoughts. It can be useful in a way that an individual’s negative way of
thinking can be changed into a positive one. Sad thoughts can be changed into
happy ones, big problems can be dissolved into smaller.

Hilbrand Kuit, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in Legian, Bali, has a website wherein
he talks more of what CBT is. Kuit emphasized that there is a chance that an
individual’s way of thinking may change by thinking positive thoughts that can
make the patient feel better.

Through CBT, the therapist and the patient can formulate better solution to cope up
with their panic and anxiety and therapist can give tips to prevent it. It might be
useful in situations where medications alone haven’t worked. Also, it teaches simple
and practical ways that can be used in everyday life even after the treatment has
finished. In order to have a successful treatment, you have to commit yourself to the

There a lot of benefits CBT offers, but first, you have to identify your negative
thoughts and emotions and be open with your therapist. One of the positive
changes you may experience once you undergo CBT is that you can manage your
own emotion. This time, you will be the one in lead, you will never going to let your
emotions lead you. An individual can practice how to verbally respond in stressful
situations with a controlled emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

CBT also helps to overcome symptoms of depression as your cognitive that fuels
negative emotions start to change into a positive one. You can overcome your
traumas and fears as well. Your understanding will be broadened and you will have
rational thinking than before. CBT can also help you cure insecurities and disbelief
about yourself. The way you think about yourself will be changed as you develop
confidence. It can help people replace negative thinking that leads to low
self-esteem. This can lead to improving relationships and trying out new things with
positive mindset.

Anxiety-related disorders, such as panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder,
social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress
disorder can be treated through CBT as well. Research has shown that CBT helps in
reducing drug and alcohol dependencies and even addictive behaviors.
With all that is said, isn’t it wonderful to have a more relaxed and peaceful life,
without being anxious about the society, or just everything that scares you? The
process of changing the way we think is not an easy path, but thinking of how life
could be better if we start it, everything is worth it. To know more about CBT and its
benefits,, please visit https://www.icounseling.academy/ and WhatsApp Hilbrand.

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