Reiki treatment


For whom is a Reiki treatment?

One of the beautiful things of Reiki is that it can work very well for many things. From my own experience in Bali, Indonesia, I can say that a Reiki treatment is of course good for deep relaxation. Reiki can be applied to people with psychological and mental problems; such as work stress, are upset and 'being confused' or see no solution to certain problems.

Reiki is also good for eating disorders such as losing weight or breaking with a food addiction. Furthermore, reiki works amazingly fast in depressions. Also for people who wish love, insight, health, more confidence, reiki treatment is good addition. Finally reiki is good to use in purifying spaces. Reiki can protect against negative influences in home. Reiki can also be given at a distance; this is when people go back to Australia or Europe after their holiday in Bali. What I always do is make an appointment what time the reiki can be given.

Effects of a Reiki treatment:                                                            

  • Increases feeling of relaxation
  • Reinforces vitality
  • Reduces stress
  • Stimulates the release of emotions
  • Promotes energy balance
  • Heals in its totality


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What is reiki actually?  

REIKI is difficult to translate directly from Japanese, but the free translation is universal life energy. It is the all-embracing and all-pervading life force. We also indicate the method in which this energy is passed through the hands of the giver to the receiver.

Everyone is inherently capable to pass on these REIKI force, we exist because of it. To use the healing power the giver must be initiated by a REIKI master, that is prepared to pass on energy in amplified form. Once someone is such a "REIKI channel", the healing energy flows spontaneously out of his hands; this ability continue to exist his whole life. One do not need to have any special talent, only willing to be open for this energy. The REIKI first flows through the giver to the hands of the giver. The giver will automatically receive the healing power. Of course, there still remains enough to pass on. Yet it is not advisable to treat when the giver feels very ill or mentally unstable.

The Usui method is a very effective healing method; it is the easiest and most natural method of transferring life energy.

The Reiki symbol

Reiki has three degrees:

  • The first level enables you by laying hands transferring the REIKI energy directly to yourself and others.
  • The second degree provides several possibilities. Treatment can be considerably strengthened, one can treat by distance, sent REIKI to past or future and offer support for psychological problems. All this by using the symbols learned at the initiation of the second degree.
  • The third stage is the initiation to REIKI master. This will give you the ability to initiate others and giving courses. This based on individual counseling.