Schedule Yoga

Schedule June 2019
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:15 am Hatha Beginner Morning Flow Yoga Therapy Hatha Beginner Chakra Healing Hatha Beginner Chakra Healing
16:00 pm Every day Life coaching on appointment
17:30 pm Vinyasa Flow * Vinyasa Flow* Hatha Beginner Vinyasa Flow * Hatha Beginner Hatha  Flow Hatha Beginner

Fridays and Sundays all yoga classes at 9.15 am and 17.30 pm are Free on donation

  • Yoga classes are available every day for walk-in rate; no appointment is necessary. For questions about yoga or life coaching please message Hilbrand: + 62-813-5362-1756

  • * Vinyasa flow yoga on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Vinyasa only on appointment message Eva: + 62-81999-556-888


Yoga brings happiness and harmony to people